What products negatively affect sexual desire?




Sometimes men may notice that they have decreased sexual desire, most often they write off this for fatigue, problems at work, etc. This, of course, can also be the cause, but often the problem lies in the diet. Familiar products can really have a bad effect on sexual desire, but rarely will anyone think about it. These products can also negatively affect the female.

Many will wonder, but to suppress sexual desire may be common salt, which most people are added to almost all dishes. When in the male body it becomes too much, testosterone is released less than necessary, and as a result, the potency decreases. Too strong addiction to salty foods can lead to the fact that sex will no longer be wanted at all. There is a certain dose of salt, which is acceptable for men, there should not be more than four grams of salt per day, then there will be no problems with potency.

salt What products negatively affect sexual desire?

Carbohydrates contained in white bread, contribute to a decrease in sexual desire. Sugar, which is available in products buns, too quickly absorbed by the body and therefore he feels a lack of energy. Is it possible to have sex without energy? Of course not. Carbohydrates also slow the circulation of blood in the body, which again does not have the best effect on the attraction of a sexual nature.

sdoba What products negatively affect sexual desire?

Some people, trying to improve the quality of their sex, attract a partner, etc. Begin to use herbal aphrodisiacs, believing that such a natural product will only benefit the body, however, this is not so. Most of them are made in Asia, where usually no one observes any hygiene rules, after using such a tool, sexual desire may not only not arise, it may disappear altogether, in addition, there is a high probability that such aphrodisiacs worsen the well-being.aphrodisiac en 450x640 What products negatively affect sexual desire?


Men like to drink alcoholic beverages, because they help them to relax, but they do not influence the quality of sex in the best way, because the substances that contain them lower testosterone levels. With the regular use of such drinks, health can deteriorate significantly and potency may decrease.

alcohol What products negatively affect sexual desire?

Sugar is also harmful, like Salt, especially the one found in cakes, buns. His overabundance adversely affects the desire for sex, so you need to observe the measure and not eat more than five spoons a day, otherwise sex can disappear for a long time from life.

sahar What products negatively affect sexual desire?

The most dangerous enemy is not only sexual desire but also health is fast food, which, unfortunately, most people consume too much. These products contain too many harmful additives that can lead to serious diseases of a different nature, so it is worth reviewing your entire diet and switching to more natural foods.

fastfood What products negatively affect sexual desire?

Soy products contain in their composition vegetable analogues of female hormones, and therefore have the property of badly affecting men, reducing their sexual desire. Soya, unfortunately, is contained in so many products, so you should carefully study their composition in the store and choose only the right food.

soy What products negatively affect sexual desire?

From carbonated beverages for their potency, too, have to give up, because they contain too much sugar and various flavor enhancers. Instead of such drinks it is best to drink the most ordinary water, tea or, in the extreme case, natural juices.

carbonated drinks What products negatively affect sexual desire?

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