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What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex – is a kind of combination of ancient Buddhist and Indian teachings about Tantra (ancient secret practices aimed at spiritual liberation and development). Nowadays, there is also such a thing as, Neo Tantra, which includes the methods of the current New Age (the religion of the “new century”, which includes esoteric and occult currents.) The difference between these two practices is that the former is aimed at achieving some kind of spiritual enlightenment, and the second is aimed at achieving diversity in sexual life.

Fundamentals of Tantric Sex.

Fundamentals of tantric sex is the intimate relationship of partners. Classes for them, suggest the disclosure of vital energies and directing them to specific energy centers. Such sex is a process of absolute unity with a partner, physical and spiritual, finding freedom through pleasure and passion. Poses of tantric sex are more like asanas from yoga. All movement should be slow and measured, sharp and fast movements should not be. The main thing in tantric sex is perfection of spirit and body, because orgasm is not the ultimate goal – it may not be.

tantricheski sex Tantric Sex   concepts, fundamentals, techniques

Having mastered this technique, one can know the unknown areas of sexuality and pleasure that have been hitherto unknown. It consists in balancing on the verge, being at the peak of excitement. If one of the partners reaches its peak before – you should stop and wait, a little calming you can continue. It is necessary to move slowly, thus it is better to hold hands and to look the partner in eyes, to breathe easy and smoothly.

Techniques of tantric sex.

The technician of tantric sex exists a little and, basically, all of them are tied to the correctness of breathing.

  • One of the techniques, for example, suggests that at the moment of almost complete achievement of orgasm, the couple should stop and turn, with their backs to each other close their eyes and relax. Then breath is held on inhalation, muscles are gradually straining, starting from the perineum and upwards to the muscles of the neck. Remain in this state should be as much comfortable for everyone. After that, exhale and relax the muscles in the reverse order. Then you can repeat the breathing exercise, or go back to the sexual act immediately, while in the process, each partner should move at a convenient pace. Having reached orgasm, the partners will feel each other, like clots of energy, blowing to the peak of bliss.
  • There is another technique – not ordinary at all. It consists in the contemplation of the sexual organs of each other, for, according to Tantra, the sexual organs are a source of beauty and purity, and the body is a temple. There is no sexual contact in this technique.

In the lessons of tantric sex, the main thing is to understand and feel each other’s desires, therefore it is worth choosing the technique based on the couple’s personal preferences – and then, having reached the peak of pleasure, the partners’ energies really merge into one.



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