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One speaks with admiration, the other is shy or encouraging. “Small but precious” or “Not important penis as the ability to use it.” What is better than the sex giant, in the truest sense of the word, or the owner of a modest size?

In reality, an impressive sexual organ attracts women very much, and the proverb often plays a comforting and reassuring role. Men view the penis as a point of self-esteem. Only a few can overcome the association with their genital organ, mostly men with a predominantly mental constitution.

At the time of the Neanderthals, the sexual organ of men as a whole was called the “root of life” and, depending on how much this “root” was larger and stocky, the male was potentially accepted. But, and in the period of Greek culture there was a time when it was small size penis was considered quite aesthetic and promised good luck.

Of course, if a girl experiences strong feelings for a partner, then the length and diameter of the penis goes to the background, but in this case to make your dick bigger – not a superfluous.

According to statistics, about 15% of men are not satisfied with their size. And they seek the most shocking ways to increase their sexual organ, namely:

  • Injections of petroleum jelly. People who use this method expect cheaply to give their dignity a voluminous appearance, but instead they have a lot of allergic reactions, the curvature of the genital organ, and sometimes it can even end with amputation.
  • Suspension of stones and loads. Now it is used in some areas of India. Men lengthen their dignity to 50 cm. The dick looks like a snake – thin and unstable, and the owners of such sizes tie them in knots. That, accordingly, leads to the non-fulfillment of the penis of its natural function. But the most important danger lies in the rupture of tissues, so this is an extremely dangerous way to make your dick bigger at home..

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  • Modern pharmacology offers many tools for penis growth. Unfortunately, most of them do more harm than good. Hormonal pills often lead to impotence, serious metabolic disorders, emotional disorders and the development of chronic diseases. In addition, doses of hormones work only in the period of active physiological development, that is, during the adolescent period.
  • Snake bite. It is believed that their poison causes a temporary swelling, the main thing is not to overdo the dose, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Before you decide to increase your dick, let’s figure out what are the drawbacks of the big dick and what are the pluses of the little dick.

Cons of a big dick:

  • Inconvenient for anal sex
  • Uncomfortable for oral sex (it’s impossible to cover it with your mouth, and you do not know if you have enough hands)
  • A man must control his movements so as not to hurt the painful points in women.
  • A large penis can cause painful sensations in women.
  • Because of the large size, the pleasure is reduced for both men and women.

If a woman during sex with a man has pain, this does not mean that the problem with the size of the partner.

What can, in addition to the large dimensions, cause pain?

  1. Inflammatory processes.
  2. Diseases of the pelvic area.
  3. Problems with the intestines.
  4. The woman had no birth.

The conditions under which a woman can get an orgasm despite the size of a dick of her partner or the Law 3-30.

  1. A woman is able to generally get an orgasm, because some do not.
  2. The woman fully accepts her partner.
  3. A woman is positive about sex.
  4. A man knows all approaches to a woman and uses this knowledge in practice.

Pros of a small penis:

  • Men are more sophisticated in sex, compensating for a lack of centimeters.
  • No injuries during anal sex.
  • More fun during oral sex.

The structure of the sexual organs certainly affects how a person carries himself in the world. Men with a small penis change often enough. Either the man absolutely refuses to check, he is sure that no one needs to show it, or he goes on the way back – he is ready to enter any sexual relations, in order to be approved at the expense of the amount not including in any way neither love nor intimacy internal, or As otherwise it is called “Don Juan Syndrome.”

From this it can be concluded that it does not matter what a man has the size of a dick. The main thing is the relationship between each other. Do not hesitate to tell your second half about your fantasies, feelings. Only if you want to try new things in sex, experiment differently and know the erogenous zones of your second half, you can get no less pleasure from sex. In a word, the more you clamp and keep silent about your desires, the further the relationship gets into a dead end.

If this digression did not alienate you from the idea of increasing the dick, then we will begin to understand what the penis consists of and how to make bigger it at home.

The penis consists of three chambers. The lower, small, responsible for urination and ejaculation, and the upper one – for an erection, which means for length. With the destruction of the cavernous bodies of the upper part of the penis, it grows due to the appearance of fresh cells.

To increase the penis at home, we will need: towels, a lubricant, a ruler. Lubricant can be bought at any intimate store. Before the procedure it is important to measure the length of the penis and write it down in order to evaluate the results or their absence. Measurements should be conducted every week.

An algorithm for increasing the dick:

  1. Warm up of the penis tissues, preventing its traumatization. Wet in a warm water towel should be wrapped around the trunk of the penis and stand for 3-4 minutes. It is important that the temperature is tolerable, but felt. In the process, the blood flow and elasticity of tissues will increase.
  2. Dry the dick well and spread with a lubricant.
  3. Proceed to the exercise on stretching the penis. Gently grasp the penis slightly below the head and gently pull away from yourself. It is important to control your sensations and in no case to prevent pain.

Very effective is the Arab method, called milking. Half-erect penis plentifully smeared with lubricant and produce movements that resemble milking. Do it regularly, but do not overreact excessively. It is necessary that the cock should recover and rest. After a while after the session, there may be a side effect in the form of a slight decrease in the erection, but it goes away.

After several months of training, the most persistent will be able to appreciate the result, because your dick will become bigger.

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