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What is frigidity?

The term “frigid” is often used by men in an offensive context to denote a girl who is prude, or indifferent to sex. Often people mean by this word, all thumbs or flop in bed. However, it is worth investigating what is actually frigidity and whether it is worth laughing, insulting someone.
Physical attraction to the opposite sex is one of the instincts of man, and it is normal for a woman that she wants this or that man. Fortunately, a man can have sex not only for procreation, but also to obtain pleasure. However, if a woman does not experience anything in bed, shows no signs of excitement or anything else, as will be written below, we can talk about the so-called sexual anesthesia, which is a deviation.

Frigidity. By this term, men most often mean anorgasmia, a deviation because of which the girl is not capable of sexual discharge. However, having problems with sexual satisfaction, she is not at the same time sexually insensitive, as has been fixed in many people’s heads. This deviation in nature is very rare, about 8% of women. These include those who are not interested in sexual contact and have never experienced an orgasm, or even an ordinary excitement.

frigidity Frigidity or Syndrome of the Snow Queen

Causes of female frigidity.

Scientists have broken frigidity into several varieties, differing in the degree of sexual excitability, causes and other things.

Complete or almost complete absence of orgasms or sexual desire, attraction to men. Erogenous zones do not react to external stimuli.

There is a form of frigidity that is temporary. Appears because of the delay in the development of sexual feelings. This kind of frigidity is often found. Sexual sensuality develops more slowly than anything else, because a girl can experience an orgasm at the age of not earlier than 24-25 years. It was argued that frigidity is associated with infantilism and the sexual feeling is formed by years to 26-28. If a girl has not reached the peak of pleasure in bed, being a minor, it does not mean that it is insensitive in this respect.

Often there is a kind of intimate indifference that arises from the various psychological factors that inhibit a woman’s sexuality, for example: roughness, stiffness, careless partner actions, unreadiness for copulation, fear of becoming pregnant, feelings of hostility towards a partner, and much more. The cause of the deviation may be pain in the process of abortion or incautious rupture of the hymen. All this is projected by a girl to sexual intercourse and leads to indifference in bed. In some neglected cases, even to disgust.

Often when sexual coldness is a consequence of diseases. It may be worth talking to a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. Often, the extinction of sensuality arises from the pains caused by inflammation in intimate places. Pain during the act is reflected in how much the girl in the future will see making love.

Regarding this topic, men are very often guilty of this problem. The explanation is simple: ineptness and inexperience of men. As it was written above, too rough deprivation of virginity to the girl can leave in her memory negative impressions from sex. And then the same associations.

Sexologists advise men to give the girl more tenderness. Caress, kisses, stroking, banal kind words on the ear during frictions noticeably relax and liberate the girl. Many make the mistake of trying only to satisfy their own needs, not caring about the physical and mental state of the fragile creature beside them. Men should not be afraid of being mocked or too proud. There is nothing shameful to openly discuss with your girlfriend all the problems concerning the bed and decide. Also, neuroses from constant quarrels can affect excitability. Otherwise, the woman will suffer.

Treatment of frigidity.

According to one statistics, 70% of the weaker sex does not receive joys from an intimate life. According to the same statistics, it is claimed that 50% of them lost faith in satisfying sex.

However, there are techniques that can help. Doctors advise using one interesting method in such cases. What it is, is described in detail below. The result of the research was successful. The result of success – 96% of partners, they were pleased with the result. The technique also helped not only the female half, but also the male, having problems with penile erection.

What is this technique? The essence is simple, you focus on something extraneous, then the problem of orgasms disappears by itself.

This technique is practiced in two different ways:

Partners agree that they will have to do without sex for a week. They can spend time together, on ordinary joint affairs: walking, cooking, going to visit and etc. Conversations on an intimate topic are also not prohibited. A couple can even sleep in one bed, but on one condition – do not touch each other. At one point, the couple will understand that there is nothing more exciting than talking about how not to have sex. The next time will be filled with the expectation of a loving rapprochement. And the nearby fruit and at the same time the forbidden fruit will give the feelings of the fire. This method does not help if you sleep together less than once a week, because the effect of the technique will be invisible against a background of quiet sexual life.

In another case, they can do everything except intercourse.

Partners can engage in petting without setting a specific goal. The preventive goal of this method is that they do not seek to enjoy and orgasm. Partners agree that there is no need. The cornerstone is here: selfish behavior and silence. A woman should do with a man what she wants, and not fulfill his whims. The goal is to listen to yourself, not to the partner’s requests. Then you need to switch roles. Silent sex will help to understand what kind of affection the partner likes, and which ones do not, helping, it is better to learn and understand the bed needs of each other.

petting Frigidity or Syndrome of the Snow Queen

In any manifestations of sexual coldness, it is better not to be shy and turn to a specialist. After all, the cause of asexuality can be not only in the head, but also expressed in various diseases. A doctor will help to identify the cause of the pathology.

There are also several important tips that experts offer:

  • Change of lifestyle and situation. Love to have sex only at night, under the blanket and without light. Make love in the car, in the elevator, and in any place unusual for you.

sex in an elevator Frigidity or Syndrome of the Snow Queen sex in the car 480x300 Frigidity or Syndrome of the Snow Queen

  • Arrange a romantic evening sex. A glass of wine, relaxing music, food and dancing can lead to a coveted and magical night.
  • Explicit experiments and studies of each other’s erogenous zones.
  • Change of partner: maybe a stranger, an unfamiliar man will help you to be liberated.
  • Using things increases libido: essential oils, chocolate, some herbs.
  • Women should not shy away from studying the secrets of their bodies. Perhaps they can get orgasm only alone with themselves, through masturbation.
  • Proper nutrition.

Treatment of frigidity by folk remedies.


  • Drink tincture of ginseng for 4 weeks.
  • Make a tincture from the crumbled parts of the night violet and Cahors, take two months, three times a day.
  • Extract of Eleutherococcus in 20 drops for three months.

In addition, relaxing baths, mud treatment can help, some even offer erotic massage.

Erotic massage Frigidity or Syndrome of the Snow Queen

If, nevertheless, the couple gets into a situation where different methods have not helped, this is not a reason for a woman to despair. Many frigid women get married and often become good and caring wives and excellent mothers. And also can experience pleasure from intimacy with the husband, the truth is more psychological. In any case – frigidity for the weaker sex – not an excuse to put a cross and sign a death sentence.

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