Anal sex: pain or pleasure



What is anal sex?

Sexual intercourse between two partners, when a penis or dildo is inserted into the anus is called anal sex or just anal.

Exotic sex. This is how sometimes speak about anal sex. But what is in it such that almost every man dreams to please himself and his partner through this way?

In the 21st century, a century of sexual emancipation, the topic of anal sex or taboo, or talk about it with undisguised disgust, considering the lot of filthy porn actresses. But in fact, anal sex can bring no less variety in the bed life of partners. And no less pleasure than from ordinary vaginal sex or various oral caresses, because the anus is different in structure from the woman’s vagina. Because although the very process of anal sex is similar to the usual, you need to know some things and nuances.

We all know what the anus is for (from the physiological point of view). But in sex, of course, this hole plays a different role.

From different statistics, love couples often engage in this kind of sex. So they try to diversify their intimate life. In the rectum is a large number of nerve endings, and their proper stimulation delivers a vivid pleasure, like an orgasm.

Some girls have this erotic zone closer to the cervix. In the prostate gland – in men. Therefore lovers of anal penetration have both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

But sometimes the partners consider it necessary for medical purposes, especially for the stronger sex. Many men’s problems are solved with the help of prostate massage.

The points of view of a significant part of people in relation to anal, engage in or categorically not, diverge. Much depends on the initial experience.

Men like to have anal sex with girls for several reasons (maybe others):

  • The anus is very narrow compared with the vagina, and therefore “cramped” gives more pleasure.
  • It’s unusual. Here we will do without explanations.

It’s one thing, men like it. And women? On the part of women, the answer to this question is very contradictory. Someone really adores anal sex, someone does it just for the pleasure of a partner, and someone categorically does not accept such a method of obtaining pleasure.

Pain or pleasure from anal sex?

  1. The reason why many couples avoid the practice of anal sex is disgust. And from dirty, in the literal sense of the word, can distort both a woman and a man. Fear has big eyes. Girls are afraid to die with shame, imagining that after immersing the penis in the anus, it will come out dirty. Of course, there may be embarrassment. To avoid this incident, sexologists are advised to go to the toilet a few hours before anal intercourse. After a while, the girl can relax, because the penis is not introduced into the rectum, but into the internal sphincter, 12-15 centimeters long. Namely, the sphincter secures fecal confinement in the rectum.
  2. Some women, by virtue of tradition and upbringing, compare this kind of sex with humiliation. There is a psychological obstacle, which the partner needs to rethink and overcome, if she wants to give color to intimate relationships.
  3. Fear of pain. Frequent misunderstanding, especially strong in the heads of young girls, is a banal fear of physical pain. This fear has grounds. Anus is by nature not meant for sexual contact. And of course, the pain can take place if the partner does not bother to prepare a woman for coitus. This is a very important condition.

How to get an extraordinary pleasure from anal sex?

First of all, we must talk about whether such an action is acceptable in their intimate relations. If yes, then both partners need to prepare.

Preparing for anal sex

  • Cleansing enema

klizma Anal sex: pain or pleasure


In fact, not absolutely necessary thing. If the day of the upcoming anal act is loosely eaten and emptied of the intestine, then you can do without it, subject to mandatory use of a condom. But for a sense of confidence and comfort before the first act is better still to clean the body.





  • Careful hygiene


Tshhatelnaya gigiena Anal sex: pain or pleasure


The most pleasant smell is only in clean skin. For this, you need to take a shower. It should be well washed crotch and rectal opening in moderation with cool water with special gels for intimate hygiene. The anus should be slightly greased with a thick cream after this. Delicate skin should be ready for action.




  • Training and massage


Trenirovki i massazh Anal sex: pain or pleasure


It is necessary to knead the anal ring with a finger, greased with a fat cream. This should be done gently and leisurely. This massage delivers a lot of fun. And it can be done by a caring partner. Massage can be part of the usual foreplay, it will allow a woman to get used to the feeling that her anus is part of a love game.

As for training, anal plug and anal balls will be very useful. Which you can buy in any sex shop. To begin with, you should choose toys of the smallest size. The ass should gradually get used to the penetration and the feeling of filling from the outside. You can try to sit, walk with objects inside. It will also become a very interesting experience.




  • View porn video

prosmotr video Anal sex: pain or pleasure


Often at the most crucial moment, the girl has a feeling of stiffness and, perhaps, even some kind of fear. To avoid this situation, you just need to look at a few videos, where experienced partners enjoy anal. Getting used to such a picture lady will be easier to get down to business.




  • Moisturizing and lubrication

smazka i uvlazhnenie Anal sex: pain or pleasure




Before you start sexual intercourse, you must use a lubricant. This tool can greatly help you and your partner. Lubricant anal do not spoil it!

Relax hole. If you are too tense, nothing will come of it. The muscles will be compressed and become an obstacle to getting into the partner’s penis.

Strong sex should remember that real life is not porn. The anal hole is not as wide as the vagina and the beloved woman can not take the male instrument into the anus, with the same ease as the vagina.

Help your partner with your fingers. Slightly widen the anus before penetration, at the same time give her a little getting used. Do not go too far. No need to stick your dick in the ass with full force and to make active movements at first. Your partner should get used to the sensations, and her muscles relax as much as possible for further pleasure and comfort.

Anal sex does not tolerate haste, everything needs to be done gently and gradually.

Means of protection in the practice of anal.

It is impossible to get pregnant from unprotected anal sex. The risk is present, if the remnants of the ejaculate fall into the vagina, which can be removed by the shower after the act. In addition, if the partner is permanent, there is practically no risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. But a condom is mandatory, since the rectal mucosa is very tender, and the penis can damage it.

Now let’s talk about the compatibility of anal sex with other types of sexual pleasure. If you immediately go to the classics after anal sex, you should be careful: in the gut of a person live bacteria that are NOT compatible with the flora of the vagina. This may cause thrush, bacterial vaginosis and other troubles. Before the transition from anal to oral sex, it is also worth taking hygienic procedures.

Remember that anal sex without warning is impossible! Both partners must necessarily agree on this in advance, otherwise improvisation will be fraught with consequences.

Knowing of limits

Anal sex is really pleasant. Many women easily achieve orgasm with such an act. Some argue that anal orgasm is brighter and longer than the vaginal. But still you should not do it very often. Experts recommend doing this no more than once every 10 days to keep the sphincter muscles strong.

No matter how good the sensations of anal sex, there are pros and cons. By the way, there are more cons, according to the doctors.

Cons of anal sex

  1. In the absence of lubricant, the mucous membrane of the anus skin is broken. There is inflammation of the lower part of the rectum. But if there are cracks or seals, do not start erotic pursuits.
  2. There is a threat of sphincter and fecal incontinence. This is more dangerous for men, as girls have more elastic muscles.
  3. After the introduction of the penis into the anal passage, in no case should you go into the vagina, so that the urinary system does not become infected. Use protective equipment or visit the bathroom more often. The same intestinal microorganisms are harmful for the urethra.
  4. During sexual intercourse you can get sexually transmitted diseases, if the cohabitants are little known. So here you have to be careful in choosing a partner.
  5. Various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract can also be a consequence of such sexual intercourse.

Pros of anal sex

  1. There are women who have not experienced an orgasm during their lifetime. According to sexologists, they can achieve it with anal sex. He is the expression of the highest confidence in the beloved and the duration of this action is much greater than in the case of classical sex.

As you can see, with such a meager list of positive moments, first consider whether it is worth starting. But whatever arguments do not appear in favor of anal, it is necessary to learn to deal with it competently. Then new sensations and magical emotions will no doubt be guaranteed to you.

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