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Sexologists have long found out that the differences in the sexual sensations of men and women are so different that they simply exclude mutual understanding in this area. That is why it is more correct to distinguish between sex for men and women. And if men have a purely historical sex in terms of always been freedom, then women are completely the opposite situation. How was it different nations? We will learn in more detail. Learn more about the sexual practices of several countries.


The main feature that distinguished Ancient India from other countries was the view that a woman is an asset, and a man is a liability. It was there that the main pose in sex is position “rider.” And surprisingly, in other, more developed countries, this position was denied. Since it was considered humiliating to recognize the primacy of women in bed.

rider pose All about the sexual practices of different countries

India was also famous for its openness and publicity. The sexual act was glorified and sought to be displayed on public display. Special temples of love were created and cultivated, visits were recommended for young boys and girls. Sculptures and paintings of such temples were full of images of scenes of a sexual nature. In this case, a woman has always acted as an equal, and even subordinate sexual partner. It also confirms the well-known treatise on love, a native of India, “Kamasutra”, which recommended to give a leading role in sex woman. She, according to this book, was the first to experience an orgasm. The initiator of sex was also a woman. And the man had no right to refuse her.

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It was Ancient China that put forward the idea that harmonious sex is the way to the immortality of the soul and the longevity of the body. It’s no secret that the basis of sex was determined by Taoism. And in this exercise, oral sex was actively promoted as a way to achieve the immortality of the soul. The marriage was originally polygamous. At the same time, a man, even when married to several women, did not limit himself to sexual freedom. However, the spouses could change wives only with women of the lower class. There was a different situation with women. If they could bring lovers -That of class higher than their own. Otherwise, they were beaten and ridiculed. In China, there were no sexual taboos, but women’s feet were considered inviolable. They are always hidden even from her husband.

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Japan has always been distinguished by its vagueness and specificity in the sexual sphere. A huge role even in sex was played by the legendary Japanese politeness. The sexual game had a certain ritual, according to which man and woman could express their desires only allegorically, using metaphors and comparisons. Preliminary caresses were completely absent. It was believed that this humiliates the dignity of a man. However, the sexual act itself was filled with a huge number of sophisticated techniques, more than a substitute foreplay. Positions are often replaced, it was recommended to kiss and diversify the partner to achieve her orgasm. Therefore, it would be foolish to argue that sex in Japan existed only to satisfy male desires.

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United Arab Emirates.

Women have always had a purely subordinate role. Violent actions on the part of men were a common thing, which were not punished at all and were not even condemned. The status of women in society in the VI century was slightly improved: Islam differentiated the rights of women and the responsibilities of men. In sex, there was a duality, if some men realized that a woman should have an orgasm, others still did not pay attention to it at all. In this case, the Arabic textbook on love written in the VI century, emphasizes that a man needs to take care of the satisfaction of his partner, try to please her, and having experienced an orgasm, should not forget in gratitude, caress his woman. This is the first treatise in which the woman was given the main attention.

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Ancient Greece.

Probably, almost everyone knows that it was there that homo-and bisexualism was born. The role of a woman in sexual terms was very deplorable. She was only a bedding accessory, necessary for getting satisfaction. And even then – not always. After all, a much more desirable sexual object for men, at that time were young boys. They were even specially brought up for such purposes. Homosexuality also flourished because the woman was considered dirty and not worthy of a high sense of being, created only for the continuation of the race and submission to the man. This theory was carried to the masses by many ancient Greek poets and philosophers.

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The exception was the legendary hetaera. Artisans of love were considered equal to men and had the same rights as they. Only hetairs could be touched by partners, independent and have a good education. As for women’s sex, here you can quote Hippocrates, who believed long-term abstinence – the cause of most of the female diseases. Including mental disorders and hysteria. It was with the light hand of the father of medicine that for a long time psychiatric disorders in women were treated with the help of sexual intercourse with many partners.


Sex with women was entirely dependent on her position in society. Unmarried women of the upper class could choose partners and change them as often as men. Women of the middle class completely and completely submitted to the husband and relatives of a male, and representatives of the lowest class practically did not have any rights. Abortion was banned. This is what contributed to the emergence of a large number of illegitimate children. The sexual sphere was very depraved and unbridled. This was reflected even in the religion of Babylon. Here the cult of fertility was glorified, and the main sexual object was the male sexual organ. Several streamlined sexual life during the reign of Hammurabi. He determined that sexually free partners could only be before marriage. Couple fidelity and mutual respect were cultivated. However, the man still had more rights than the woman. At any time, he could divorce and receive a purely symbolic punishment for treason. The woman was punished with death. Also it was Hammurabi who was the one who introduced the obligatory wearing of a veil for women.

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